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BOOM Buitenverlichting

BOOM is a specialist for outdoor luminaires.

Wall luminaires, pillar luminaires, ceiling luminaires, bollards and pole-top luminaires for houses and gardens.
Available in greater dimensions for public areas, streets, pathways and squares.

These luminaires made of copper, die cast bronze, brass, die cast aluminium and hand-blown glass are produced by traditional craftsmanship.

Precious, romantic luminaires, a joy to the eye and heart. They have their place even in modern architecture.

Many models are designed according to antique classics from diverse European cultures but fulfil the highest quality requirements in terms of construction, material and lighting technology.

Copper, die cast bronze and brass change appearance over the course of time. Due to weather, the surface develops a patina of unparalleled uniqueness. The material is a unique aesthetic experience. Copper and bronze are symbols of durability and lasting value. They are timelessly modern.

Aluminium and die cast aluminium parts are pre-treated, powder coated and given a high-quality enamel finish to ensure maximum resistance to corrosion.

The life of BOOM luminaires is practically unlimited unless they are wantonly destroyed.

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