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Unilux Product and Quality features
Aluminium castings

We use the highest grade aluminium aloys for our high-pressure aluminium die castings. This ensures maximum durability and corrosion resistance.
Fasteners and brackets

All fasteners (screws, nuts, washers) are made from high-grade stainless steel. All luminaires have helicoil inserts to prevent freeze-up due to electrolysis between dissimilar metals.
All brackets are made from aluminium.
Gaskets and O-rings

Only high temperature silicon or neoprene rubber is used for our O-rings and gaskets. They are positioned by lens, glass or diffuser lip thus preventing slipping during assembly of cover.
Glasses and diffusers

Most of our glass diffusers are mouth-blown; therefore each glass is a unique piece of craftsmanship. Glass is highly translucent and, unless wantonly damaged, virtually indestructable. It is easy to clean and will never change its properties.

Our polycarbonate diffusers are made from almost unbreakable UV-prestabilised material. An additional layer of clear UV protection lacquer increases protection against harsh sunlight. The material has excellent durability and resistance to deterioration even under very adverse conditions. Depending on circumstances, polycarbonate can discolour with age.

We use a special impact-resistant grade of acrylic which is however not quite as vandal-resistant as polycarbonate. It is highly translucent and will not discolour or become brittle even under the most adverse conditions.
Electrical components

In our luminaires we use internationally approved premium quality electrical components. All wiring has high temperature silicon or Teflon insulation.
All exterior metal parts are processed on our premises using our specially developed multi stage surface finishing process.
The process includes degreasing, chromatisation, powder coating and a final two-coat finish of baked polyacrythane to obtain an excellent corrosion protection, resistance against aggressive pollution, airborne acids, galvanic or chemical corrosion, abrasion and UV radiation.
Standard finishes are Black, White or Titanium. All luminaires can be made in any special colour to order.
Quality control

All luminaires leaving our Cape Town factory are checked and tested to comply with SABS/IEC 598 for which we are a certified user of the SABS Safety Certification Mark.